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How to Increase Exposure Before Publishing Your Book

Let`s face it self-publishing is a business. Therefore, to make a career or even book sales as an author, you will have to put your entrepreneur hat on. Just like any business that works out a marketing strategy and takes some steps before launching their new product, some extra exposure before publishing your book might boost your sales. Here are some steps you might take to draw interest in yourself as an author and your book.

• Go online.

As simple as it is, the Internet nowadays gives us those 15 mins of glory that Andy Warhol talked about. And it is up to you how to use them, so why not represent yourself to the public, tell about your work, lifestyle, and creative plans? Believe me, every person who will read your book one day is already online.

• Create a blog NOT about your book.

The Internet has become the ultimate marketplace. People often get quite wary and leery as soon as they realize that another blog or social media profile is trying to sell them something. So in case you are creating a blog, make it as informative and engaging as possible. If your book is human resources, don’t talk about your book, but talk about policies and things employers should know and implement. If your book is about dating, then write about your dating experience, create a personal and emotional bond with them, which will lead to a natural interest in your work.

• Ask for feedback.

Seek for reviews, comments, shares as much as possible. People love when they are being asked for their opinion. This is the easiest way to make your audience talk about you and therefore – get exposure.

• Collab.

Whether you are writing about wellness, finance, history, or romance – there are some influencers with an audience in that field. Try to contact them and see how you two can collab and help each other create a win-win situation.

If you need help with coming up with ways to gain exposure then set up a strategy session with me by clicking here. If you are ready to build your team as an author and would like for us to manage you, then click here.


Ashley King

The Get It Done Queen helping people of faith tell their story by writing a book and maximizing their reach to speaking and events.

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