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Check out the various courses afforded, no matter where you are in your publishing journey.

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Content 2 Course Bootcamp

The Content 2 Course Bootcamp is a 30 day bootcamp that provides a blueprint for authors to plan, create and scale their online course from scratch.  Authors who enroll in this 30 day bootcamp will learn:

  • How to choose the right topic for their course

  • How to validate and structure the course

  • How to make the course evergreen year after year

  • How to presell the course without Facebook Ads


But that’s not all. Course participants will be surrounded by a community that support their growth as they build their course. They will also have access to live weekly Q&A sessions and feedback from King. 

Get It Done Bootcamp

Inside this course you will learn;

A proven approach to choosing a topic that will sell - and turn your idea into a finished book concept in just a few steps and short hours.

The Why & How to outline your book that makes writing, publishing, and launching a bestselling book in as little as 90 days majorly easy to accomplish.

How to write an effective book summary that entices your readers and compels them to purchase your book.

How to make money every month in royalties with your book and use it to accelerate your growth as an author.

How to leverage social media to promote your book while growing your authority, readership, and reach.

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