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Being a writer is not an easy job. Being commissioned to be the author of someone’s life story and situations can not only be an intimidating position but a rewarding one as well.

Ashley King is an aspiring writer's cheerleader. If you ever need someone in your corner, you would find her to be the loudest person in the cheering section. She inherited her mother's tenacity and her father's business savvy. Her ambition and faith is what drives her. The combination of all the above is why she is groomed for excellence.

A native of Atlanta, she is an author, Christian business strategist, founder of the nonprofit organization CLASSIC (Christian Leaders Altogether Standing Against Social Injustice Corporation), owner of a Christian apparel company 1st Kings Apparel, creator of the Live by Faith Brand (TM), and minister. 

"I'm not your traditional minister that preaches over the pulpit. I use my gift of writing to help heal not only the author but the readers as well. Sharing your life story with the world makes people vulnerable, which is uncomfortable for most. When my authors get nervous I use that opportunity to pray with them." States editor and ghostwriter Ashley King.

Her ultimate goal is to be an example of living a fulfilling life while serving God. 




"Ashley's "How to Do a Book Tour" e-book was very well thought out. It was very simple and easy to follow. I appreciated the guides that she gave and the step by step approach from starting from the ground up. It helped me to think about the things that I would need in order to plan a successful book tour. It's an event, and when you're event planning it's easy to forget the little touches that make the event successful. Thanks Ashley!"

-Sharnae L. Smith, Owner and Managing Attorney at Sharnae Smith, Attorney and Business Consultant

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