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What makes a Christian leader?

Updated: May 29, 2023

Becoming a great leader doesn’t happen overnight, and it is a journey that takes time, energy, and effort. But it is so worth it when you get to the point where you are making a difference in the lives of others and impacting your community for Christ.

From Anointed to Announced

Here are some common traits that every great Christian leader should possess:

-A Christian leader is servant-minded.

Christian leaders are called to serve the Lord by serving His people. This involves setting aside their own preferences and desires in order to meet the needs of others. It also means taking on the burdens and responsibilities of others, even when it is inconvenient or difficult. In Matthew 20:28, Jesus said, “Even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” This speaks to the heart of servant leadership. Christian leaders are not called to seek their own glory or comfort but rather to lay down their lives for others. This is a difficult calling, but one that is essential if we are to follow in Christ’s footsteps.

-A Christian leader is disciplined.

A Christian leader is disciplined in many ways. They are disciplined in their thoughts, words, and actions. They are also disciplined in their prayer life and Bible study. A Christian leader is someone who seeks to live a Christ-like life. They want to be more like Jesus every day. This takes discipline. A Christian leader must also be disciplined by others. This means they must be accountable to other Christians who can help them grow in their faith. Accountability is essential for a Christian leader because it allows them to stay on track and keep growing in their faith. A Christian leader must also be willing to disciple others. This means they must be willing to share their faith with others and help them grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Discipling others is a vital part of being a Christian leader.

-A Christian leader leads by example.

A Christian leader is someone who leads by example. In other words, they set the standard for how Christians should live their lives. This means that they are not only knowledgeable about the Bible and its teachings, but they also strive to live their lives in accordance with its principles. Christian leaders serve as role models for others, and they work to evangelize the Gospel message to those who haven’t yet heard it. Additionally, Christian leaders are often involved in ministration and service work within their churches and communities. They lead by example in all aspects of their lives, and they work diligently to spread the love of Christ to those around them.

-A Christian leader is emotionally and spiritually mature.

A Christian leader is emotionally and spiritually mature. They have a deep understanding of who they are in Christ and are not easily shaken by the opinions or actions of others. They are able to maintain a clear head and a kind heart even in the midst of difficult circumstances. They possess the wisdom to know when to speak and when to remain silent. They also have the courage to stand firm in their convictions even when it would be easier to give in. In short, a Christian leader is someone who knows how to lead by example. They are not perfect, but they are continually growing in their faith and walking with Christ. As a result, they are able to effectively navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with being a leader.

-A Christian leader has a teachable spirit.

A Christian leader should have a teachable spirit. This means being open to learning and growing in their faith. It also means being willing to listen to others and learn from their experiences. A teachable spirit is essential for Christian leaders because it allows them to continue growing in their faith and become more effective in their ministry. Additionally, a teachable spirit helps leaders to be more understanding and compassionate towards others. When Christian leaders have a teachable spirit, they model Christ-like humility and provide an example for others to follow.

-A Christian leader seeks wise counsel

A Christian leader should always seek out wise counsel. This is because, as Proverbs 11:14 says, “Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” When making decisions, it is important to consult with others who may have different perspectives. This helps to ensure that all angles have been considered and that the decision is made with the best information available. It can also help to prevent mistakes from being made. Seeking wise counsel is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it shows that the leader is willing to humble himself in order to make the best decisions for the people he is responsible for.

Do you possess any of these traits? If not, don’t worry! Leadership is something that can be developed over time. Between the moment you are anointed to do God’s work, and the moment you are announced to do God’s work, there is a process. This journey often serves as a time of growth and change because no one is made great overnight. David was anointed in his youth to be king, but he didn’t actually become king until he was 30 years of age, and then he ruled for 40 years. Jesus performed his first miracle at the age of 12, but even then, he made it known that his time was yet to come.

Becoming a great leader is a process in which many today become frustrated along the way and even quit. From Anointed to Announced is a handbook that explores common traits that every great leader should possess. The author illustrates her points with her personal encounters, examples from Scripture, and stories of leaders in the Bible, such as Moses, the Apostle Paul, the three Hebrew boys, and others.

One of the keys to successful leadership is applying the concepts that have made other leaders great. Here’s your opportunity to do just that! Purchase your copy of From Anointed to Announced today by clicking here.

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