What Can I Do to Improve My Writing?

Whether you are an experienced writer or just starting, there is always room for improvement concerning your craft. The desire to improve your craft is what sets you apart from other writers. Let`s look at some ways to evaluate and improve your writing to help you craft your story to impact the reader.

  • Exercise.

Just like any skill, writing needs constant practice. Write as much as you can during the day. Put your feelings on paper, describe people you see at a bus stop, and imagine where they are going. Just like mastering any skill set, concise writing expression needs exercise.

  • Read.

Writing is one of those jobs that requires constant learning. Writers are lucky because they can take classes of the most brilliant coaches whenever they want and for a reasonable amount of money. I am talking about reading books. Reading will not only help you widen your vocabulary, but it is also useful when you are looking for your writer`s voice or simply need to research a particular niche.

  • Edit.

No matter how you feel about a new chapter right after you have finished it, take a look at it several days later. Go through your every word, try to see the perspective, put yourself onto the reader`s shoes. If something does not add up, don`t hesitate to re-evaluate and re-write your work.

  • Accept critics.

It might be hard to assess your writing objectively. Accept the fact that others may notice things you don`t see in your work. It does not mean that you should follow every critical remark, but accepting and analyzing any kind of feedback will improve your writing.

I hope these tips help you as I look forward to one day reading your great writings!


Ashley King

The Get It Done Queen helping people of faith tell their story by writing a book and maximizing their reach to speaking and events.


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