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Simplify Your Life

Life can be so stressful. Balancing parenthood, work, being a significant other, and even trying to find time for self—who has time for it all? It can be overwhelming and can even lead to burnout. The world encourages us to work 24/7 and glorifies this "Superwoman" persona, but that isn't real. Superwoman didn't have to deal with teaching her kids from home while maintaining her 9 to 5 while making sure dinner is made by 6 and the kids in the bed by 8. No, she didn't. We don't need any more fancy gadgets that make us more accessible. We just honestly just need to simplify our lives. I know it's easier said than done but don't overthink it and just do it! It may seem challenging at first, but the benefits outweigh the struggle. Here are just a few benefits of simplifying your life:

1. Reduce your stress

Most people think that simplifying their life is about getting rid of “stuff.” It’s more to it than that. It also means minimizing your commitments and schedule, as well as learning to say “NO,” to the things that you don’t truly have time for. Maxine Waters said it best “I’m reclaiming my time.”

2. Help you to be more present

Chile, we’ve all had our struggles in trying to balance it all. Parenting, running a business, trying to stay sane—just to name a few. It can lead to burn out. By simplifying your schedule, you can devote time to the various facets of your life that are most important. Like “me” time, however, that may look for you and actually spending quality time with family and not feeling rushed.

3. Better relationships

When you have simplified your life, your friends and family can get more of your time, attention, energy, and focus—that’s if you choose to, lol. And when you can invest your time and energy into your relationships with the people you love and care for, those relationships tend to flourish and grow deeper! We all can use more TLC 💕.

If this sounds like what you’re needing, then click here and to be taken to the Conquer Your Clutter Bundle which consists of the Simplify Your Life e-Book. This is a super bundle that consists of 9 e-books, 9 e-courses, 7 planners, and 6 printables that will help you live with intention and simplify your life. 


Ashley King

Helping people of faith tell their story by writing a book and maximize their reach through speaking and events.

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