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KDP Paper Options: Which is best for YOUR book?

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

When uploading your book to KDP, there are many options to choose from, one being your paper option. There are three, but do you know which option is best for YOUR book?

Let's talk about it.

White paper: Generally used for non-fiction books, such as cookbooks, business, and reference books, as the colored highlighter shows up better. This paper is thinner than cream, so if you want to cut down on the thickness of your spine, using white paper could help.

Cream paper: Generally used for fiction books, but it's not mandatory. Cream and white are 55 lb., but cream is marginally thicker, which will increase your spine width.

Color: More so, referring to the ink. If you publish a book with pictures and want your photos to be in color, the paper default will be white so that the images show up better. Printing in color does incur an increase in cost.

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Ashley King

Helping people of faith tell their story by writing a book and leverage their message to create brands and not just books.

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