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Have I been playing small?

As I sit in the airport awaiting my ride to pick me up, I take the time to reflect. All this week I've been talking to God about my future (and my past) and wondering have I been playing small? Meaning have I not given life, my dreams and goals, my all. Have I let fear get the best of me?

Have I limited my success in any way? But I realize that dwelling on the past does no good. It does not fix anything nor change it. The past remains the same no matter how many times we say 'if I'd known then what I know now.'

So instead of dwelling on the past, I take note of the present. What am I currently doing (or not doing) to fulfill my dreams? What self-imposed limitations have I told myself? What fears have let get inside of my head?

I use these notes and create actionable steps (along with prayer) to stop playing small and take the giant leaps of faith.

I once told someone that God can't guide something that isn't moving. We can pray and petition God all day to guide us in the right direction, but how can he guide you if you're standing still. So today, I encourage you to join me in taking that giant leap of faith and stop playing small. Will you join me?

-Ashley King

The 'Get it done' Queen

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