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Gunnison, Colorado

Hi, if by chance you’re not on my email list, then shame on you! No seriously. If you aren’t on

Gunnison, Colorado

my list, you missed a significant announcement in my life. I started graduate school!!! Yeap, I decided to level up in my education and my business and attend Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. Yes, Gunnison; a small town that seemed too perfect that it was almost scary.

Upon my arrival to the airport—in a which they do not have Uber, Lyft, shuttles, taxis, or buses to accommodate those with luggage—I was greeted by a lovely lady from the chambers of commerce who kindly agreed to take time out of her day to pick up a classmate and I and give us brief tour before taking us to the dorms.

As she was dropping us off, she volunteered to let us use her car while she was at work. I was slightly thrown off, as to usually the person that offers a complete stranger their vehicle—in Atlanta, GA—is perhaps on drugs. Now she didn’t look that way at all, so I just assumed that was her being quite courteous I later found out that there was only one uber driver in the town and you would have to call him personally on his cell. I’m not sure if that would constitute as an Uber driver but ok.

I was grateful for the lady at Gunnison Chambers of Commerce because I soon found out that it was a struggle for me to breathe. Gunnison was over 7,000 feet above sea level, while Decatur, Georgia is only 1,043 feet above sea level. That’s a huge difference. I nearly struggled the two weeks that I was there. For the most part, everyone was friendly and complimented me on my hair.

It was a tiny town that it seemed like everyone knew your name. You could pretty much walk wherever you needed to go and ever local owned a bike as if it was a rite of passage.

I was told that their Walmart is the smallest in the US, as the smallest one was in Kentucky, but it burnt down, so they won by default. Not sure of the validity of the statement but judging by the size I could tell it could be true.

In my spare time, I did some off-roading and explored the beautiful town of Gunnison and Crested Butte.

Besides the town, I had some great cohorts, a fantastic professor (National Best Selling and prolific author Kevin J. Anderson) and a phenomenal guest lecturer (National Best Selling and prolific author Dean Wesley Smith) that helped me level up (in Ciara’s voice) and open my mind up to a world of possibilities. It was a great experience overall.

In conjunction with my announcement of going to grad school, I offered a substantial discount to a writer's workshop. So for you not to miss out in the future offers, announcement, prizes, etc., make sure you join my email list clicking here.

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