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Go F$#@ Yourself!

Lately, I've been busy planning my conference, editing books, running a business, being a wife, accepting my calling in ministry, fighting off negative thoughts, being a shoulder to cry on, fighting off a dog that loves to eat everything but her dog food, and wearing a cape that I've somewhat lost myself in it all.

Today, I actually felt guilty for buying a store bought pizza versus cooking dinner. In my mind I want to be able to do it all. I want to be that woman that's on top of her game and never missing a beat. I want to be the woman, my younger self imaged. It's funny that when you're young you have life figured out and when you're older, you realized you had no clue.

Whether that's in life, business, or our relationships. No one can do it all by themselves. We all need help. Sometimes we may be too afraid to ask for it or honestly we may not know that we need help. Perhaps you're use to being the strong woman that has her stuff together but only if people knew you were about one second from having a break down.

Perhaps you're the man that everyone turns to for wisdom and advice but no one knows how you're hurting on the inside from things that happened in your childhood.

I challenge you that if you're lost in life or feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Don't suffer in silence. Don't neglect self-care. Find what brings you joy. Find out what issues you need to deal with in order to heal. Find out what resources are available to you so you can live your best life. Take some time to f$#@ (find) yourself.

If you're a woman that's in need of a good ol girl talk then join me this Saturday at the Polish Your Crown Women's Conference (

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