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5 Book Marketing Strategies You Should Try

Updated: May 8, 2020

All authors know that publishing a book is just the beginning. Marketing is an ongoing task that helps put your book in front of your ideal reader. So, here are five book marketing strategies that you can implement in your marketing plan.

Use clickable and engaging newsletter content Put the right content in your newsletter definitely helps with the marketing of your book. It keeps your existing readers informed of what’s happening and allows your new readers to get to know you more. You want to have a mixture of personal and professional. One thing that I have learned in business is that people buy from people they like. You can have a great book (or product), but if your attitude sucks and you are a turn off to your readers (buyers), then your book sales will decline. You want to provide content that they perhaps could not get elsewhere, to make them feel exclusive and appreciated for being on your email list. If by chance, you are reading this outside my email list then shame on you because you are missing out!

Give away excerpts. Excerpts are bits and pieces of your book. Drop some gems, give some suspense, make your readers want more. You can do this for your backlist and your new releases. Excerpts are outstanding in helping with preorders.

Build personal connections. Are you on Facebook, Meetup, or LinkedIn? Are you taking advantage of being a part of their groups? If you are writing a book on human resources, then join human resources groups and provide valuable insight into the industry and time to time drop the link to purchase your book. If you have written a book on relationships, then join marriage or single groups on these platforms. Join a group(s) and get involved. Be engaging and provide valuable insight.

Provide deals. Have you ever thought about offering a $0.99 deal on your backlog to help drive sales and increase interest in your readers with your new release? This a popular trend that has its benefits, but you want to make sure it works within your marketing plan.

Build a mailing list. If by chance, you don’t already have an email list, you were probably lost when it came to marketing tip #1. If you don’t have a list or not sure where to begin, we should talk. But, having a mailing list is something that you can control, unlike social media. With social media, you can get locked out of your social media accounts or worse, get hacked and lose all of your followers.

Like these tips? Let me know me and please share.

Ashley King

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