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2019: The Year of Self- Awareness

After being emotionally and mentally drained from comparing herself to other women on social media, 30-something Ashley King created a conference that addresses how social media leads women into the self-sabotaging comparison trap. Inspired by her own experience, ‘Polish your crown' women's conference is designed to combat this self-defeating cycle of women feeling like they're never good enough.

"I began comparing my life to what other people were posting on Facebook," states conference creator Ashley King. "I felt like my business, relationship and life weren't good enough. I cried out to God one night because I was at my wit's end. I heard God say that there is a battle behind every crown. Meaning everyone has their issues no matter how good their posts look on social media and that my crown can shine just as bright as the next woman."

Even the strong woman has emotional scars that need healing. Even the confident woman has moments of anxiety and is searching for peace. Even the woman that seems to be in control is searching for her purpose after being broken.

Women need to work on the deeper issues and understand themselves better to grow, heal and not compare themselves to the next women. It takes time and work to get to know yourself better outside of what social media and others say about you. It takes growth and maturity to be honest about who you are and your self-imposed limitations.

Social media has made everyone much more accessible for comparison. We compare everything from our relationships, life, careers and more. Even when we know posts on social media are filtered and hand chosen only to show the best parts of someone's life, it doesn't make it easier not to compare. This intimate conference was a success as it allowed for transparency and for women to get their questions answered by experts.

Beyond the conference, Ashley King has launched a monthly digital subscription box to help women become more aware of who they are and guide them through the journey of inner self and bettering themselves.

To learn more about the Ashley King and Polish Your Crown Conference, you can visit her @ashleymking and @polishyourcrownqueen on Instagram.

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