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You Got This Momma: A Tribute to New and Expecting Mothers is a photo journal of new mothers in their rawness, motherhood in moments with unique stories that will give you courage on the hard days.📸🙌


Within its pages are a sense of community and authentic motherhood, all the bits that make the journey memorable, good and bad, captured with such life and empathy. ❤🌈🌟


It will change your perspective and give you peace of mind when you need it most, with words of wisdom from mothers everywhere.🥰


No matter the situation or surroundings, the tears, the smiles and the sheer looks of exhaustion will bring you comfort and reassurance, a different momma in a different place, going through something similar or maybe worse than what you’re dealing with. ❤


 It speaks to how all of our moments of doubt and insecurity are only temporary and universal. 🌌


It will resassure you that you’re not alone.🚫


And anyone who’s had a child will tell you that no matter how much love you have in your life, there will be days when you feel like you’re on your own, and it's terrifying. 😯


But YOU’VE GOT THIS, MOMMA - A Tribute to New and Expecting Mothers is going to give you renewed strength.💪🤰


You Got This Momma: A Tribute to New and Expecting Mothers (HARDCOVER)

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