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Thank you for considering being an affiliate for the Get It Done Book Camp. We pride ourselves on being the most trusted online self-publishing program to help aspiring writers write, market, and publish their books. 


We offer a smooth, hassle-free process for our affiliates. You simply share our program with your followers, and in return, you will earn money from each sale through your affiliate link. 


For each successful payment we receive from customers you referred, we’ll give you a $40 commission! So by only referring 10 customers, you would already earn a minimum of $400 each month.

We pay our affiliates via PayPal on the 15th of each month. Once you fill out the questionnaire below, we will review the information. If you are selected into our program, you will receive your affiliate link within 72 business hours. Please check our FAQs below the questionnaire for more information.

Affiliate Program Application
How did you hear about us?

Thanks for submitting!

How exactly does Get It Done Publishing determine whether a new student account should be associated with an Affiliate?


The exact details of how we track Affiliates, and how the initial association between an Affiliate and a new student account is created, can sound a little tricky, but there are just a few key details you need to know to make sure they are tracked successfully. 


We use Thinkific for our platform. When a user first visits our site, we place a cookie in their browser. If they came in through an affiliate link, that information is recorded in the cookie, which lasts for 30 days. If that same user returns at any point over the next 30 days, the cookie is not modified or updated; only the first visit is relevant. After 30 days, the cookie expires, and their next visit will create a new one, following the same rules.


When that user creates an actual account on your site, we check the cookie to see if they should be associated with an existing Affiliate.

So in order for a student account to be associated with an Affiliate, they must have visited our site for the first time from your Affiliate's link. If your student visited the site previously on their own, without signing up, but returned within 30 days via an Affiliate link, they will not end up associated with your Affiliate link.


The account does not need to make any purchases, or even enroll in any courses; the link between account and Affiliate is made as soon as the account is created, and persists indefinitely.


Finally, keep in mind that cookies are browser-specific, and the cookie will only be checked when the actual account is made.

What is my affiliate's referral code?

Each Affiliate has a unique referral code, which we use to create and track their associations.Once accepted into the program, you will receive an email. If you have any questions, please feel free to email

How many referrals can I have?


How am I paid?

We pay our affiliate on the 15th of the second calendar month when the applicable sales were made. For example, the proceeds pf all sales made within March, are payable to you no later than the 15th of May, at the latest. This time allow us to address any credit card chargebacks and refunds.  If the 15th falls on a holiday, Get It Done Publishing reserves the right to pay out the day before or the day after the 15th. All payments will be transferred to the PayPal account which you provide to Get it Done Publishing, LLC.

You understand that you will receive no other monetary compensation, other than that explicitly stated in this section. 

What if I don't agree with the payment received?

Once you are a affiliate you will receive login information to create your account. Once your account is created you are able to see your commission totals, a breakdown of your individual commissions, your payouts and tracking on the number of visitors through your affiliate links.

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