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What's governing you?

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

As I was reading Matthew 28:11-15, it made me wonder what's ruling people. In the passage, I saw the guard's decision to report back to the chief priest instead of the governor as fear, as it was the governor who gave them the assignment. I saw the chief priest's decision to lie as pride because it was their ultimate goal to disprove Jesus as the savior.

People are sometimes ruled by what's going to make them the most money, perhaps by integrity, fear, greed, love, gluttony, and so many other things.

Reading this passage made me do a self-check. Is there anything I am allowing to govern me besides God's will? Have I made some decisions based off of fear? Have I not been honest with myself because I'm afraid of what the truth looks like? Have I disregarded God's instructions because I wanted to please my flesh?

In today's time, where 'fake news' is readily available and social media leads you to believe that your life isn't as fabulous as it should, it can lead you to make a rushed decision and react instead of respond.

React is an emotional decision versus respond, which a decision that is thought out. Before you took that new client, did you count the cost? Before you quit your job, did you do it out of emotion versus planning? Before you jumped into that relationship, did you consult with God?

I'm not "super-spiritual" to say that you need to seek God to figure out if it's ok for you to cross the street, but I am a proponent of seeking him daily. Why not? Why not converse with God daily to hear what he has planned for you and to ensure you're not being governed by something else that isn't God's will. Why not spend time with the creator as he has given you everything you need?

So, whether you converse with God daily or only when you need him, I challenge you to do a self-check. What's governing you? What have you given to rule over you?

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