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Two reasons why self-publishing is better

Writing your own book is a great way of earning good money. It is a one-time effort that can bring you profits for a long period of time. The problem is that this isn’t a piece of cake either. While writing the book is in itself a rather tedious job, getting it out there in the market to sell is not easy too. You need to get it published, market it, and spread the word about your book. Let’s talk about publishing.

There are two main publishing procedures. One is the traditional publishing method in which you have an agent who gives you deadlines for submissions. Once you give them the content, they take it to a publisher who’ll go through the book, get it edited and then it gets published.

The other method is self-publishing. You write your book. Then you contact a freelance publisher and get your book out there. The question is, why do we suggest self-publishing when traditional publishing sounds more professional. Here are some reasons why we recommend doing it on your own.

1. Traditional publishing takes a lot of time

The whole process of traditional publishing involves a lot of people. First, you write the book. Then your agent reads it. It’s highly likely that your agent will suggest many edits before the book is taken forward to the publisher. Once it finally gets there, the publisher will reject it multiple times. You’ll perform more edits until the publisher finally signs a contract. Even after that, the publisher will get it edited by a professional editor. It will be long before your book actually goes into the process of publishing. All of this is the time wasted after you find an agent. Finding someone who’ll work with you at conditions that you both agree on is a whole another task. On the contrary, self-publishing is a much quicker process. You might still have to invest time in finding the right person, but you’ll have full control of your content. You can finish the book whenever you want, edit whichever parts you like and get it published once you’re happy with it.

2. Self-publishing allows quick profits

Not only is the self-publishing process quick, but it also reaps profits quickly too. Once you’ve finalized your book and publisher, you can start earning within a week's time. The eBook can go live in 7 days. The hard copies may take up to a month. If you’ve also opted for audiobooks, they can take from one month to three months to bring you profits. However, in comparison with traditional publishing, it is way quicker to self publish and earning is quicker too.

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