4 Negative mindset that keeps you from writing creatively

When you experience negative thinking about your writing, you’re facing your own biased and ungrounded assumptions concerning your skills. I’ve been there done that, and it did me NO good. While there’s nothing wrong with holding yourself and your writing to high standards, having negative thoughts will mess with your confidence and result in bouts of pessimism and inactivity if they’re left unchecked. So get it in check, sis!

There are four forms of negative thinking that affect writers.

1. Mind reading

Mind reading is the act in which you talk yourself out of your greatness because you somehow can read other people’s minds without even knowing for sure what they are thinking about you. It looks something like this.

“I know that she don’t like my writing. I can tell by the way she’s holding my book.”

“Ohhh, I know they don’t think I am a good enough writer. They didn’t like my work last time when they pointed out areas I could improve in. Why do I even bother to write.”

2. Generalizing

When you have negative thoughts, you typically tend to latch on to one little factor that may have gone wrong—like a piece of unwelcome feedback. But instead of taking that feedback as what it is—pertaining to that one piece of work—you take that feedback and generalize it onto ALL your work, which is not the case. For example;

“They didn’t like paragraph three, so that must mean my entire manuscript sucks.”