2019: What are you declaring?

Hi ladies and gents, I hope you brought in the new year full of love and happiness. What excites me about 2019 is the spiritual meaning of nine. Biblical number 9 stands for a complete cycle of growth. Last year was a year of stretch for me. I battled with not knowing my self-worth, overcoming the 'imposture syndrome', balancing (or at least trying) being a bawse babe, wife, minister, fur mom, and more.

I learned a lot about myself (and still learning). about who I am and what I am capable of. When thoughts of doubt come to mind I combat them with the word of God. That 'I am more than a conqueror' and 'greater is he that is in me than in the world'. I'm not perfect nor do I claim to be but I'm a woman of excellence that knows how to get it done!

So as 2019 begins, I'm in awe as how much I have grown since 2018 and look forward to being stretched more because it's a sign of my continuous growth.

I am woman of faith and the words I speak manifest. I declare that 2019 will be my best year ever. I declare that there is no lack and God has provided everything I need. I declare that my marriage will be blessed and that we will become homeowners. I declare that in 2019, my income will join the six figure club and I will have a life of financial freedom. I declare that I will be surrounded by other women of faith that enjoy genuine friendship, traveling and adventure. I declare that whatever comes my way, I shall handle it in grace and blessings and favor shall chase me down all the days of my life!

What are your declaring for 2019?

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