11 Tips on how to create a productive writing space for authors

As a writer, editor and publisher, it's important to have a space in which I can write, think and be productive. Here are 11 tips that I find useful when creating a productive writing space.

1. Have a clean and organized area.

A cluttered mind equates to a cluttered area. A clean and productive area helps you think and produce at your highest capacity.

2. Write in an area that has limited distractions.

The top three distractions authors encounter are television, cell phones, and social media. You want to limit these as much as possible. If you need some help doing so, check out these apps.


Calmly Writer


Cold Turkey

Self Control

Aren’t those some awesome app names!

3. Surround yourself with things that inspire you.

As writers, sometimes we can get stuck, and we need that inspiration to help us get unstuck. I have inspiring quotes throughout my office that reminds me to keep pushing and keep going because there are readers out there that need to read my words.

4. Accessorize strategically for a more organized workflow.

You want things you access most often near you. For example, as a writer and editor, I tend to reference books to ensure th